Thursday, January 10, 2013

[VIDEO] - The Advantage

"...The resume is
your 'sales message'
that must stand out
from the competition."
--Professional Association of
Resume Writers and
Career Coaches
Let's keep this simple.  Looking for a job is a full time job.  Search prospective employers-- this time around,  both efficiently and effectively. 

Time magazine selected's ad "When I Grow Up"
Best of Television 1999
which aired during Super Bowl

It's a new year - new you - new job too!   More recruiters and human resource professionals rely on for hiring outside talent.   Post Your FREE Resume Today to attract top employers!


Your Life. Your resume. Your Move!!! Post Your Resume FREE Today!



Photo credit: Vera Kratochvil 'Skyscrapers'
for PublicDomainPictures(.net)

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Blogger Reynold said...

Nice to see this video!
USMLE private coaching

2:22 AM  

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