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[VIDEO] INVISIBLE MACHINE: Electromagnetic Warfare... did you know?

~A Film documentary Directed by Barbara Doran and Jon Whalen

~ Sharing the attached video for the civic minded individual(s) who desire to stay informed of issues governing our human rights and questionable misuse of power by the political systems.~ 

The highly secretive technology known as DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS has been in use by the government since the 1930's and is the subject profiled in Doran and Whalen’s, INVISIBLE MACHINE: Electromagnetic Warfare.”  Most commonly used in warfare, the science has also been used in riot and crowd control, as well as in the geophysical manipulation of the weather.

However, more troubling applications of this science-- and for the reason I'm researching this phenomenon-- appears to include, the specific targeting of human beings (e.g., targeted individuals, or TI’s), and unknowingly.  These are persons who are suspected of posing a level of threat—real or imagined-- to governments and perhaps to corporations.  In fact, I personally know someone I believe to have been victimized by this directed energy; therefore, I have a vested interest for which I advocate.

Originally airing on The History Channel (Nov. 2005), this is the ‘tell-all’ video we've been waiting for.  So fascinated with its contents, I had to take notes while watching and have listed below two bullet points of importance.

*At time stamp [9:20] -- talks to the ‘misuse’ of this ’microwave’ energy toward persons, as a weapon for riot and crowd control. Designed to ‘quiet and contain possible aggressive actions by people’s enmasse, imagine if you will-- a laser beam directed toward targeted individuals -- who are then overcome with an intense burning on the skin all over the body—for sometimes hours on end.  These “…electromagnetic laser-beams-on-steroids…” are capable of causing the target a racing heart without cause …or… a real heart attack.”

*At time stamp [39:49] – speaks to the United States’ weather modification program or geophysical manipulation of the weather.  "…Imagine using a flood to destroy a city ... a tornado to disseminate an army in the dessert.” It is a cold war weapon, which can effectively "still" entire communities, states and/or geographic regions and in this video, United States Congressman Dennis Kucinich goes on record denouncing the desire of the US to dominate weapons in space.    

But for the reason I’m writing this post, my scope is more narrow and is focused on the misuse of directed energy weapons against human beings unknowingly for experimental purposes and as a form of continued harassment.  

On the behalf of my friend and of the 1,600+ targeted individuals throughout the world who I believe have been adversely affected by these directed energy weapons, we’d greatly appreciate your taking a moment to listen to the full length documentary--

"Invisible Machine: Electromagnetic Warfare"


BREAKING:  For TI’s, finding evidence of IMPLANTS-- is the "smokin' gun," you're looking for…and for so many reasons.
Persons who would like to find out for a fact if they've been CHIPPED, may want to learn more about DIGITAL INFRARED THERMAL IMAGING.  Click here to see photos. This imaging, is like a full body "x-ray" (no radiation involved – no pain involved) and the test costs about $300. The charge may be less in larger cities.  For those TI’s under the care of a mental health provider, he/she SHOULD BE suggesting that you take this type of test.  Ask.  If your provider seems ‘clueless’ when you do ask, get another doctor! 

Will you help someone by sharing this information; ‘cause we’re all in this thing together.   And to learn more about infrared full body imaging, click here (Wikipedia). ///end

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