Thursday, January 24, 2013

From the Top Down: America Is In Peril--

UPDATE:  Pretrial hearing for Bradley Manning now set for May 21st--
see more updates below

One-thousand days. What could you accomplish in 1,000 days?  Drive across the United States many times over? Build a neighborhood or two or three? Get an Associate’s Degree or finish that dissertation?  Please bear with me for just a moment will you? 

America is imperiled with a synergy and I don’t even have words to describe it. The Earth is screaming through earthquakes, tsunamis, broken levies, rampant hillside fires, oil infested waterways and a noxious atmosphere. The polar bears have no more ice, caribou are now at threat of extinction and worse of all—the people of America are hurting. This madness has got to stop… and stop now!

How does this tie into my hero Bradley Manning? 

BECAUSE as of today (01/12/13), Manning has been wrongfully imprisoned for 1,000 days and for me, his ordeal is the straw that broke the camel's back... 'THE madness' which I find an insult to injury to all of the above.   All of 'the madness' is both counterproductive to a forward thinking society and, in general runs counter to policies and laws that are crafted to protect our lands and to prevent such an ordeal from happening, specifically like those to Manning. Laws like ‘due process’ and litigation in an ‘expedient and timely’ fashion. Oh and here’s one more. How about ‘innocent until proven guilty.’  And by the way, please don’t water board him or gas him or isolate him in the meantime because Bradley Manning is a human being!   But who am I but the pink and purple elephant in the room. 

Here's how it all began:  Protest Bradley’s 1,000th Day In Prison Without Trial

This ‘thing’ we’re under which has no words but has a parasitic growl, is about to consume us. It’s growing out of control and solutions seem fleeting. Might our politicians be focusing on the wrong avenue of resolve? It’s time to get ahead of this ‘thing’-- once and for all. I want there to be a way for our World leaders to finally ACKNOWLEDGE the uneven playing field. Too many seem to be operating from the viewpoint that it’s perfectly okay for there to be two sets of rules. This is CONTRADICTORY to everything we know – it isn’t a fair and balanced way of running America and it is quite unpleasant to see play out on our political landscape. Business as usual can no longer be business as usual.

Sandy Hook didn’t have to happen. When we hear our leaders speak about gun reform laws, know that drones are the biggest guns I know of. How different is ‘collateral damage’ to our foreign citizenry than to the mayhem in a Connecticut suburb we have come to know as Sandy Hook? Do you see the conflict of thought, the contradiction if you will? Let’s make a way to get rid of the drones. Correct the problem at the root. Begin there. Then by example perhaps the People will get it.

COMES NOW a big ole’ dose of humility. 

“Do as I say, not as I do,” is an adage we can no longer include in the resolve process-- for this school of thought does not service, WeThePeople.  Not by any stretch of the imagination. And, I’ll just speak for WeThePeople and also say; we don’t like what we see out here Politicians. We don’t like assault weapons on our streets and in the hands of the ill – we don’t like war – and moreover, we elected each of you to speak for us in a forthcoming way.

To speak up and run the Country effectively, we want leaders who will be able to negotiate through and around conflict with other World leaders and among yourselves. Period. We want to be included in the negotiation process by keeping us abreast of the accomplishments as they unfold and allow us... your constituency, to give you input where appropriate. We desire to be a part of the collective body that governs America.  

Our grandchildren’s children are counting on us to  "fix" the problem of contradiction, from the top down.   So is our Earth and Bradley Manning.  Let’s start there… please. 

And, as the pink and purple elephant steps down from her soapbox, I bless you all with love. ~djg 

UPDATE 05/09/13 -  Some government witnesses to testify in secret
UPDATE 02/28/13 -  Manning pleads guilty to leaking secret government documents
UPDATE 02/27/13 -  Bradley Manning to take the stand tomorrow!

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