Monday, May 06, 2013

No One Even Knew She Was There!

“…First they declare you inferior; then they systematically make it illegal for you to prove you’re not.  In their hearts, they know you’re not inferior—they just want a huge slice of the pie.”  --Mavis Leno 


I think like this.  No matter where in the world we live-- human beings want to be treated in a humane way.  I was reminded of the work of MAVIS LENO, when I received a newsletter from the folks at CODEPINK a few days ago.  Mrs. Leno’s work with women in Afghanistan could be work for women in many parts of our World.

She heads up the Campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan.  But in that part of the World, the way of living for the majority of women is horrific and filled with unbelievable strife.  The mistreatment of a person because of  one's sex is particularly disturbing and offensive to my common sense... which brings me to why I’m writing this post.

Could you imagine living “cut-off” from the World?  No Internet access.  There but not there.  Erased except for the labor you provide to the dominant male in your home.  Little freedom to go about your daily life and certainly not permitted to earn a wage outside the home.  Living essentially under a house arrest?  Would it ever cross your mind  to wonder if SOMEONE actually knew you were living as such? 

When interviewed for Oprah’s book, LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE: A Teasury of Wisdom, Wit, Advice, Interviews, and Inspiration-- journalist Michelle Burford ('The Un-Hollywood Wife'), asked Mrs. Leno to speak to the why behind her Cause.  This was her reply.

“…When my dad was a teen, he did hard-rock mining to bring in money.  One summer he lived through a cave-in.  When he was rescued after a few hours, he said the most terrible thing wasn’t thinking he would die; it was believing no one even knew he was in there.”

Because of her dad's experience, Mrs. Leno was frantic to let the women of Afghanistan know, their plight was SEEN and to bring them hope.  Think on this will you?  Our voice matters ladies.  Join me and take a moment to discover more about the vital work of Mavis Leno’s  Campaign (...and that of CODEPINK).

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