Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thinking About Cybersecurity? eLearning

"Each year, experts discover millions of new pieces of malware designed to illegally tamper with computer systems."

Public  policymakers  and  technology  experts  agree: cyber security and the issues associated with it will affect everyone on the planet in some way. That means the more you know about this hot-button topic, the better prepared you’ll be to protect yourself.   To weigh in on the political and ethical issues involved, and to understand new threats-- and new solutions, as they emerge.

Thinking about Cybersecurity: From Cyber Crime to Cyber Warfare is your guide to understanding the intricate nature of this pressing subject. Delivered by cyber security expert and professor Paul Rosenzweig of The George Washington University Law School, these 18 engaging lectures will open your eyes to the structure of the Internet, the unique dangers it breeds, and the ways we’re learning how to understand, manage, and reduce these dangers.
Combining an expert lecturer with a fascinating topic, this eCourse is a riveting learning experience that immerses you in the invisible world of codes, computer viruses, and digital espionage, and offers an enthralling look at the high-stakes battles of tomorrow.
Watch a preview here:  New! Thinking about Cybersecurity: From Cyber Crime to Cyber Warfare.



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