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Over one hundred years ago, a tract of land, a pig and a woman become central to the Hatfield and McCoy’s feud; quite senseless if you ask me.   Equally non-sensical is the wrongful incarceration of a man and of a subsequent systemic cover-up because-- “…two FBI agents went looking for a young Indian man wanted in connection with a stolen pair of cowboy boots!”

Peltier upon arrest (1972)
Who would have ever thought a pair of boots would create such a firestorm—known today as the Leonard Peltier, WRONGFUL INCARCERATION debacle? 
Peltier 2012
These are the kind of cases that law school students dissect in undergrad. If you know someone currently enrolled in law school, PLEASE make sure they review the film, "Incident at Oglala."  Produced and narrated by Robert Redford.  Incident at Oglala is yet ‘another’ story of unimaginable, manufactured and convoluted evidence, coercion, exploitation of ethics, and misuse of power—against, one, LEONARD PELTIER who, was in 1972, wrongfully convicted of killing two FBI agents on an Indian reservation. 

This ‘story’ reeks, of everything gone wrong in our legal system.  And while I am no attorney, I'm DISGUSTED by the evidence and facts provided by persons of authority, in this film!  Times were different back in 1972 but ‘railroading’ continues to this day… and I personally believe Mr. Peltier's railroading was done in retaliation for the not guilty verdict of Peltier’s two young Indian colleagues in a separate but related legal case.

WATCH Redford’s film, Incident at Oglala and see if you agree. 

We have really got to fix the issue of WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS and the overt MISUSE OF POWER in the World.  At issue here is integrity, or lack thereof... and how some have meandered off the course of what it means to be human.

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