Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Other Side of the Fairy Tale

TEACH your children the other side of the fairy tale parents and grandparents.  Let them know there is unfortunately an ugly side to Life.

"....Sometimes things in life happen that allow us to understand our priorities very clearly.  Ultimately you can see those as gifts."  --Mariska Hargitay

Like my father schooled me, he, being an ambitious, die-hard Navy guy (like Olivia Pope’s, Jake in the television hit series, Scandal;  I learned about ‘that’ side of human behavior before I was ten.  I thank Dad for his teachings.  It prepared me to deal with all of Life adversities, like how I ultimately had to deal with the first instance of a stalker while walking to my Mom’s office after school.  I was only in the seventh grade!   

And decades later, it would take me an unheard of five years to finalize a divorce!  And through no fault of my own, the mess continues to this day.  I'd like to think this was in preparation for my PURPOSE in life.  

There is a reason for CHAOS.  Take a moment and scroll through my Facebook ‘Wall’ or Twitter feed and learn about Dignitary Torts, Transferred Intent, doctrines of Trust, or lack thereof--  and all manner of egregious human behavior,  which can affect us all.  Don’t let your children grow up with a Polly Anna Syndrome.   

Hang on. I’ve got a story to tell and RuRu is going to help me tell it!  It’s not about forgiveness—not even close.  It’s about the message and the lesson.  Teachable moments are everywhere and so, in order to set the record straight, you’ll be learning more realllllll soon.  Not that I’ll be pandering to those waiting in the wings with baited breath and with further designs of exploitations mind you, but BECAUSE the  ~TRUTH~ trumps ~LIES~ all day long!  

As I’d imagine “Olivia Benson” would insist, you must speak your truth people—even if you stand alone!



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