Monday, March 03, 2014

Why Thinking Differently Is Your Greatest Asset | The Hidden Factor

"Learn how-to tackle problems with the right mix of individuals, drive innovation and identify conditions in which diversity trumps ability."   

The need to avoid collapse for group problem solving has never been more critical. The complexity of challenges faced by today’s “creative class” has produced a new reliance on teams.  A group with diverse experience and education, can often more effectively provide solutions, by bringing a myriad of viewpoints to the table.

Life requires making smart predictions at every turn.  Top-performing companies, universities, and innovation centers are increasingly finding ways to encourage a greater exchange of ideas among their staff.  Whether you’re in a leadership position or striving to advance your career, this 24 thought provoking-lecture (eCourse) will teach the most discerning of individual …YOU,… to “see around the bend” and to analyze decisions from multiple perspectives.

The Hidden Factor: Why Thinking Differently Is Your Greatest Asset is your opportunity to learn the strategies that make you a more diverse thinker and position you to break down institutional silos and build robust, effective teams. The Hidden Factor even has practical benefits beyond the workplace-- from determining which house to buy to where to invest your money and more!


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The Hidden Factor: Why Thinking Differently Is Your Greatest Asset - DVD course


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