Saturday, April 26, 2014

Transformational Seeds for the Universe | Facebook Event

"You are Love" ... know that!

Sometimes all it takes to right, wrong behavior is good timing and the right person to come along with a good message.  Not to be confused with a messenger, mind you.  I mean a real person with something to say—designed to break through the false evidence appearimg real, ...the silence, ...denial, ...embarrassment, ...folly and every manner resistant to change.  A pathway to real truth and humility-- as it were.

And this brings me to the indelicate subject of HUMAN TRAFFICKING.  Just the name makes my skin crawl ***like fingernails on a chalkboard***.  I have to tip my hat to the advocates, members of law enforcement, volunteers, fellow journalists, etc., who do give a darn about eliminating this dis-ease from the Earth.

SOMEBODY has got to do it!
SOMEBODY has got to write about it!

So, in an effort to do my small part to help abate this ugly thing known as HUMAN TRAFFICKING and to also return to my first love of writing and disseminating magical information out into the World, I’ve created a Facebook event-- so that I may inform you of the following. ~djg

Post Script:  No need to wait!  Edit is complete and you may now access article and vast resources for HUMAN TRAFFICKING via "The Topography of Human Trafficking | ...Is Not A Business model, It's A crime!" 

[READ HERE]  Non-profits have permission to share under the Creative Commons License.           Be sure to take the test on the inside-- "Slavery Footprint: How many slaves work for you?

See Also:
HUMAN TRAFFICKING | Less We Forget What It Means To Be Human by Debra J. Gordon

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See the following book resources on the inside:

SEX TRAFFICKING: A Clinical Guide for Nurses, by Mary De Chesnay, PhD RN 
NOT FOR SALE: The Return of the Global Slave Trade & How We Can Fight It, by David Batstone
 [Media Contact:]


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