Saturday, August 09, 2014

A Thing Doesn't Go Away Until the Last Thing Is Disclosed | The Tuskegee Experiment 2014!

This is an open letter and call to action-- to my many compassionate friends: 

When time permits, I need your help in the form of 'sharing the link of a dear friend' …with key people in your network.  Will you please 'Friend' and 'Like' Valerie's Facebook page linked here?

I've added a new project on my plate and am advocating for a lifelong friend, who's Dad is a living survivor of the Tuskegee Experiments. There are probably many more survivors out in the World and the government would more than likely prefer to keep this under wraps.  We need to locate these “subjects” because they all need the right kind of health care and explanations for what surely must be subsequent ‘mysterious medical ailments’ they and their off springs may have.  

Tuskegee test subject being "injected" in unsanitary conditions 

All those long years ago in Macon County, Alabama, our Leaders may not want us to know that students enrolled at Tuskegee Institute, unmixed from any military or war, like my friend’s dad, Mr. Ford-- were also injected. They were simply enrolled students and therefore, a very convenient subject. 

As I listen to Valerie tell her story while Mrs. Ford quietly sits to our side, I remembered the emotional outbursts her Dad would make when we were kids.  When he took a nap, we were careful to walk softly and keep quiet so as not to alarm him. Valerie’s Dad was only a Freshman when injected.  When I look at the documentary videos for what we know today as the Tuskegee Experiments (see video below), it saddens me to see these “injections” were given in an uncontrolled, unsanitary environment… in the middle of sharecrop fields or in the middle of a dirt road!  Can you imagine this in present day society?

I'm helping my friend Valerie, a Spelman political science major and Harvard grad-- design a website this week and I’ll let you know the link later. Until then, here's her FB page-- which we'll probably convert to a business Page soon.

I need your help in spreading the word to 'key' persons in investigative journalism, advocacy, good government sources, progressive media outlets who will pick up this story and run with it. Valerie's goal is to secure better health care for her Dad who is currently in a VA hospital as well as for those persons Worldwide, who may not know ...still... they were included in this horrific experiment.  I say Worldwide since the Tuskegee Experiments were also performed on unsuspecting persons in Guatemala, Cuba and I believe a few more outlying areas in the World.  This too is a little known fact.

ADDITIONALLY, according to former President Bill Clinton's infamous 1997 apology, many physicians were also wrongly accused of participating in this experiment and I believe this glossed over ‘fact’ should be more noted. 

A thing doesn't go away until the last thing is disclosed. And it's just simply  T.I.M.E.  for our governments to add a much lacking ingredient absent heretofore from "For the people by the people" doctrine, and that is—to know what it means to be human ...and governance accordingly.  A responsible government can only be had when our leaders seek a bit of humility and go forward with integrity of Spirit.  

Enough is enough and it is  T.I.M.E.  to do the right thing. Thanks for reading friends.  P.S. If you're new to my rants and ramblings get more here by subscribing.

~Debra (@djgTheMediaLady)

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