Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Voice of the Western Woman

Anna Langova 
It's time ladies! 

What follows is a ‘Note’ I composed on Facebook. Its relevancy to the underbelly described in an article, “Early Numbers Show Promise” at BloggingWhileBlue(.com).

AND,  that I do my part in helping us to understand the IMPORTANCE of the 2012 Presidential election– mandated, that I post same here.

At the Vancouver Peace Summit in 2009, the Dalia Lama proclaimed, “The world would be saved by the Western woman.”   I believe this to be true but more specifically, because most women automatically extend compassion in all that we do; it is the quality of compassion or lack thereof, which has forestalled the forward movement of mankind today.  Care for our fellow man has seemingly become completely lost in our current day political mainstream.  Government works  for 'WeThePeople' and not the other way around.   The 'folly' we see in our political masses runs counter to anything for the People.  At issue is human lives.  Yours, mine, the cashier at the corner store, the elderly.  For the sake of our grandchildren's grandchildren, this overt and negative cycle has got to stop.  If we continue on this path, there may not be a world for our offspring to live! ~

Designed to begin a real talk dialogue for change, my Facebook 'Note', “Just Thinking Out Loud” begins here:

"...With less than 10-days before the 2012 Presidental election and just a little off topic to our current Facebook chatter– I’m thinking out loud here. Come join me for a moment.
I (finally) saw the controversial film, “The Help” last night on cable. Yeah, I know.  Janie come-late-to-the party.   Likewise, if you’ve not seen this film, I recommend that you do. This was not a film about a bunch of caddy maids letting off steam about their employers. In fact, I’d venture to say, “The Help” is a political piece about racial inequality and disrespectful treatment of women. The 'voice' just happens to be from the perspective of a 1960′s domestic.
I don't see how some people sleep at night.  How do you feel about unjust treatment toward the female?  It greatly saddens me that issues we’re hearing on the current day presidential campaign trail-- still-- mimic the ugly treatment portrayed in this film. While the 2012 political storylines are a bit more sophisticated, the backstory remains the same.  Why are we talking about this in 2012 people? And, which candidate do you believe will best SPEAK UP for women who have yet to find her voice? 
Anger can be a very productive emotion.  Deep down angst can move mountains.  In "The Help" it was a woman’s intolerance of a personal tragedy (the death of her young adult son), left un-noticed and unsolved-- by a system charged with the responsibility to care, which caused the character Abilene to say enough was enough!  Her angst caused her testimony and her testimony lead to a change in civil and human rights conditions back in the 60's.
Think on these things daily ladies.  In a round-about way, anger and your predicament might be your friend.  And as we go to the election polls this November, may the Western Woman  keep Abilene's intolerance in our hearts.  Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Gloria Steinem, Anita Hill, Oprah Winfrey... I believe the Dalia Lama might know a thing or two about progress and humanity. 
It's time people!  ~djgTheMediaLady

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Illusions, Fake News and PhotoShop, oh my?

Taking her argument beyond fine art into the realms of politics, journalism, fashion, entertainment, and advertising, Mia Fineman demonstrates that the old adage “the camera does not lie” is one of photography’s great fictions.

Buy on Amazon - "Faking It:  Manipulated Photography before Photoshop" (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Photographic manipulation is a familiar phenomenon in the digital era. What will come as a revelation to readers of this captivating, wide-ranging book is that nearly every type of manipulation we associate with Adobe’s now-ubiquitous Photoshop software was also part of photography’s predigital repertoire, from slimming waistlines and smoothing away wrinkles to adding people to (or removing them from) pictures, not to mention fabricating events that never took place. Indeed, the desire and determination to modify the camera image are as old as photography itself—only the methods have changed.

By tracing the history of manipulated photography from the earliest days of the medium to the release of Photoshop 1.0 in 1990, Mia Fineman offers a corrective to the dominant narrative of photography’s development, in which champions of photographic “purity,” such as Paul Strand, Edward Weston, and Henri Cartier-Bresson, get all the glory, while devotees of manipulation, including Henry Peach Robinson, Edward Steichen, and John Heartfield, are treated as conspicuous anomalies.

Among the techniques discussed in the pages of "Faking It"... abundantly illustrated with works from an international array of public and private collections—are multiple exposure, combination printing, photomontage, composite portraiture, over-painting, hand coloring, and retouching. The resulting images are as diverse in style and motivation as they are in technique. ~~Amazon review, 2012


And while we're on the subject of  illusions--

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Are you walking in your life purpose?

David Wagner
A pastor told me years ago that when you are CLOSE to your Purpose in Life and the Heavens and Stars are properly aligned... you will actually have a heightened sense of smell and taste. Colours will be brilliant and sounds will be robust. People (the real change-makers) will speak OUT compelling words specific to your Purpose with such clarity, your skin will crawl.
There will be no mistake when that time comes.
Hold out until those sensations are OVERWHELMING, for then and only then will you be aligned with the genuine changemaker(s); not to be confused with merely the messenger.

I speak from personal experience.
Blessed Be!  --djg


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