Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Espionage and Covert Operations | Real World, not the Movies!

Spying has often been referred to as the world's
"second oldest profession"

Espionage and Covert Operations: A Global History is your chance to take a detailed and unforgettable tour of the millennia-long history and enduring legacy of this top-secret subject-- SPYING.  In 24 thrilling lectures, survey how world powers have attempted to work in the shadows to gain secret information or subvert enemies behind the scenes.

Hidden deep within the daily workings of governments and civilizations is a secret world of mystery, danger, and intrigue. A world where deception is a form of art. Where people are never who they say they are. Where the tiniest observation has the power to save an empire or spark a global war. Welcome to the world of the spy—a world that most of us associate with popular fiction and film but the true story of which is more fascinating, surprising, and important than you could possibly imagine. 


Indeed, to truly comprehend the forces at work in international politics, whether at the dawn of civilization or among today's sophisticated world powers, one must understand the secret role of espionage and the shadowy world of covert operations. While much of world history has been shaped by the dramatic exploits of men, women, and organizations devoted to the perilous tasks and undercover missions that are part of a spy's life, this is real world insight!  [MORE]

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Other Side of the Fairy Tale

TEACH your children the other side of the fairy tale parents and grandparents.  Let them know there is unfortunately an ugly side to Life.

"....Sometimes things in life happen that allow us to understand our priorities very clearly.  Ultimately you can see those as gifts."  --Mariska Hargitay

Like my father schooled me, he, being an ambitious, die-hard Navy guy (like Olivia Pope’s, Jake in the television hit series, Scandal;  I learned about ‘that’ side of human behavior before I was ten.  I thank Dad for his teachings.  It prepared me to deal with all of Life adversities, like how I ultimately had to deal with the first instance of a stalker while walking to my Mom’s office after school.  I was only in the seventh grade!   

And decades later, it would take me an unheard of five years to finalize a divorce!  And through no fault of my own, the mess continues to this day.  I'd like to think this was in preparation for my PURPOSE in life.  

There is a reason for CHAOS.  Take a moment and scroll through my Facebook ‘Wall’ or Twitter feed and learn about Dignitary Torts, Transferred Intent, doctrines of Trust, or lack thereof--  and all manner of egregious human behavior,  which can affect us all.  Don’t let your children grow up with a Polly Anna Syndrome.   

Hang on. I’ve got a story to tell and RuRu is going to help me tell it!  It’s not about forgiveness—not even close.  It’s about the message and the lesson.  Teachable moments are everywhere and so, in order to set the record straight, you’ll be learning more realllllll soon.  Not that I’ll be pandering to those waiting in the wings with baited breath and with further designs of exploitations mind you, but BECAUSE the  ~TRUTH~ trumps ~LIES~ all day long!  

As I’d imagine “Olivia Benson” would insist, you must speak your truth people—even if you stand alone!


Monday, February 17, 2014


Over one hundred years ago, a tract of land, a pig and a woman become central to the Hatfield and McCoy’s feud; quite senseless if you ask me.   Equally non-sensical is the wrongful incarceration of a man and of a subsequent systemic cover-up because-- “…two FBI agents went looking for a young Indian man wanted in connection with a stolen pair of cowboy boots!”

Peltier upon arrest (1972)
Who would have ever thought a pair of boots would create such a firestorm—known today as the Leonard Peltier, WRONGFUL INCARCERATION debacle? 
Peltier 2012
These are the kind of cases that law school students dissect in undergrad. If you know someone currently enrolled in law school, PLEASE make sure they review the film, "Incident at Oglala."  Produced and narrated by Robert Redford.  Incident at Oglala is yet ‘another’ story of unimaginable, manufactured and convoluted evidence, coercion, exploitation of ethics, and misuse of power—against, one, LEONARD PELTIER who, was in 1972, wrongfully convicted of killing two FBI agents on an Indian reservation. 

This ‘story’ reeks, of everything gone wrong in our legal system.  And while I am no attorney, I'm DISGUSTED by the evidence and facts provided by persons of authority, in this film!  Times were different back in 1972 but ‘railroading’ continues to this day… and I personally believe Mr. Peltier's railroading was done in retaliation for the not guilty verdict of Peltier’s two young Indian colleagues in a separate but related legal case.

WATCH Redford’s film, Incident at Oglala and see if you agree. 

We have really got to fix the issue of WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS and the overt MISUSE OF POWER in the World.  At issue here is integrity, or lack thereof... and how some have meandered off the course of what it means to be human.

Source: Ya-Native(.com)

Saturday, February 08, 2014


“…It is the very heart of due process of law.”

The ancient right of habeas corpus guarantees that no one can be arrested by the state or seized in any fashion and held without being brought before a judge, charged with a crime and having evidence brought forward establishing probable cause for the person to have been arrested and held. This is the most basic of democratic rights and provides real protection from the bald assertion of power by the police or the state.  It is the very heart of due process of law.
The writ of habeas corpus has been around for over 1,000 years and first emerges in writing in 1215 in the Magna Carta.  Because of its age and its centrality, it is often called the ‘Great Writ.’ 

It is enshrined in Article I of the United States Constitution and as such, predates even the Bill of Rights. In well over 200 years there has never been a congressional stripping of the right of habeas, until now (2006)-- with The Detainee Treatment Act.

Consequently, the Bush Administration has set a dangerous precedent and has once more usurped the rule of law.  If the Guantanamo detainees can be denied their constitutionally guaranteed writ of habeas corpus, then who is to say that anyone else charged with a lesser crime will not be held indefinitely without the ability to face their accusers and to know the accusations made against them?

Source:  Center for Constitutional Rights 
Winter 2006 Newsletter, pg. 5

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